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Welcome to the Education Today Conference—an annual gathering dedicated to shaping the future of education in Albania and beyond. Now in its 8th year, our conference has become a cornerstone event for teachers and school leaders, fostering collaboration and innovation in the field of education.

Organized by Turgut Ozal Education JSC, a pioneering institution in Albanian education since 1995, the Education Today Conference is a testament to our commitment to advancing K-12 and University education. As we convene for the 8th time in the vibrant city of Tirana, Albania, we are proud to have played a vital role in linking, developing, and supporting teaching professionals across Eastern Europe.


Keynote Speakers

Education Today 2024 

Miles Berry

Professor of Computing Education, University of Roehampton, and Chair of the National Centre for Computing Education

Topic: Generative AI and the transformation of learning

Miles Berry is Professor of Computing Education at the University of Roehampton, where he leads the secondary PGCE in computing. Before starting at Roehampton he taught for 18 years, including three years as a head teacher. He is chair of England’s National Centre for Computing Education and serves on the board of Computing At School. Over the years he has contributed to a number of computing related projects including England’s national curriculum computing programmes of study and the Royal Society’s Mathematical Futures project.

Pekka Peura

Professional Development Expert at Kahoot! - Founder & Teacher Trainer at Peura Education

Topic: Real Skills in the age of AI

 Pekka Peura (M.Sc.) is a teacher of physics and mathematics, and an award-winning developer of teaching practices and culture. Pekka’s inspiring teacher trainings make listeners reflect on learning, learning support and assessment culture in a new light. Pekka’s inventiveness, innovation and development work have won him awards such as the Mensa Award 2013, the STEM Actor of the Year Award 2014 and the Campus Awards 2015.

Workshop Speakers

Education Today 2024 

Stephen Charles Burnage

Topic: The Rewards and Challenges of AI-Informed Teaching and Learning in the Modern Classroom

Fellow of the Chartered College of Teachers, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Education Consultant, Inspector and author with over 36 years successful experience of teaching and school leadership.

Erjona Saqe

Topic: The Impact of AI in Elementary Education

I work as Academic Coordinator and teacher of elementary school at Turgut Ozal College in Tirana. As a teacher, I’ve worked with numerous students, shaping their future, and as an academic coordinator, I have been involved in curriculum development, teacher training and overall program management. With over 25 years of experience as an elementary school teacher and, at the same time, serving as an academic coordinator, I feel that every education conference is the right place to share my knowledge and expertise in the field. 

Kleona Elezaj

Topic: AI for Innovation in Education

For 7 years I have been working as a lecturer in the informatics department at several universities such as Beder, “Aleksander Xhuvani” University.

I am the head of the ICT department at the “Hermann Gmeiner” school, in the direction of computer software engineering.

I am in the process of certification from Intel in collaboration with AADF, in Artificial Intelligence, where I work in parallel with my students.

Isa Erbas

Topic: The Impact of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Education

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Isa Erbas is a highly accomplished academic and professional with extensive experience in the field of education and international relations. Currently serving as the Vice-Rector (President) at Beder University since 2022. Dr. Erbas has been a valuable contributor to the academic community in Tirana, Albania. He also holds a part-time position at Epoka University.

Dr. Erbas holds a diverse set of qualifications, including a Ph.D. in Political Science and International Relations. He also holds a Master’s degree in Political Science and International Relations, as well as a Master’s degree in English Language and Teaching and a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Teaching.

Edlira Mali

Topic: AI Playground: Personalize Learning with Marketing Magic

I am a lecturer at the University College Beder, where I teach marketing courses to undergraduate and graduate students. I have a doctoral degree in marketing and I am currently pursuing a degree in computer science, providing me with a unique interdisciplinary perspective and nurturing my passion for education innovation. 

This diverse background has equipped me with insights into both traditional and emerging educational methodologies. My research interests include digital marketing, consumer behavior, data analysis, and artificial intelligence.

I bring both practical marketing expertise and a tech-savvy perspective to bridge the gap between traditional learning and future-ready skills.

Nuray Donmez

Topic: You cannot deny the undeniable!

Nuray Donmez is a distinguished Physics teacher with extensive experience, currently serving as the head of Further Education Counsellor at Turgut Ozal High School. With extensive experience teaching in various countries, she possesses a deep understanding of education systems worldwide.

Throughout her career, Nuray has embraced opportunities to teach in various educational environments, enriching her pedagogical approach and broadening her perspective on global education systems. Her commitment to excellence and innovation in teaching led her to explore the integration of AI systems in education, recognizing their potential to enhance learning outcomes and streamline educational processes.

Sinan Kosak

Topic: Designing AI-Powered Lessons to Drive Active Learning: Merging AI with the 5Es Strategy

Sinan has over 23 years of experience in education and has been involved in several school development projects. He has a strong background in school management, school improvement, and international curriculum. He has also worked with Lumina Schools to develop and implement project-based learning programs. Sinan is a Physics teacher, authorised trainer and a CIS Accreditation Evaluator. 

Tarik Sulić

Topic: Beyond the Book: Empowering Students with AI-Enhanced Storytelling

I’m a computer science educator with six years of experience, currently serving as the head of the ICT department at Richmond Park Schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina. My role involves overseeing curriculum development, providing leadership to colleagues, and actively seeking opportunities to enhance students’ educational experiences. I’m passionate about equipping the next generation with the skills needed to thrive in a digital world.

Irena Biba

Topic: A new approach in teaching sustainability

I am an accomplished Master Teacher and Trainer hailing from Albania, boasting 26 years of experience in the field of education. Over the course of my career, I have dedicated time to both secondary and high schools, and have served as a principal for a period of three years. I am a proud graduate of the University of Tirana, and I have successfully completed the Leadership School program by the American ADF.

I hold prestigious titles such as Microsoft Educative Innovative Expert & Trainer, Wakelet Ambassador, Scientific Ambassador, European Schoolnet Academy 4T Ambassador (UK), Etwinning Coordinator in Europe, Erasmus Speaker, Advocate for Global Schools, and Ambassador in GSA (UK). These roles highlight my dedication to advancing education on various fronts.

Umit Usta

Topic: STEM Coding & Programming in Education - LEGO® Education

Umit Usta is an ICT teacher and vice principal at Turgut Ozal College in Tirana, Albania. With a passion for technology in education, he has extensive knowledge and experience in robotics, programming, and AI.

Umit is known for introducing the LEGO League to Albania and coordinates its activities in the country. Through this initiative, he has inspired students to explore STEM fields while fostering creativity and critical thinking.

His commitment to integrating technology into education has earned him recognition both locally and internationally. Umit’s efforts continue to shape the future of education in Albania, inspiring students and educators to embrace innovation.

Aida Lumshi

Topic: Using the Micro:bit in teaching encourages students' critical thinking and real-life problem solving

Aida Lumshi is a dedicated professional with a wealth of experience in education and digital innovation. In 2017, she earned a British Council Validation Certificate of Completion as a Trainer in Validation for British Council Trainers, specializing in the In-Depth Coding Process and Knowledge of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.

Her expertise has been instrumental in various capacities, notably as a Consultant for Coding Clubs school registration and in-depth Microbit module sessions for British Council Albania. She also served as a Consultant, collaborating with ICT teachers to implement the new microbit coding curriculum for 6th and 7th-grade project hours. Aida played a pivotal role in the Phase I piloting for primary education, demonstrating her commitment to advancing educational practices.

Esmir Demaj

Topic: Empowering Higher Education in the Digital Age: Exploring Trends and Case Studies of Digitally Enhanced Learning Practices

Dr. Esmir Demaj serves as a Lecturer of Management Science at EPOKA University, Tirana, Albania, leveraging his knowledge in dynamic managerial capabilities, sustainable innovation, and ambidexterity acquired during his PhD studies. Dr. Demaj is a member of the European Academy of Management. He currently also holds the positions of Head of the Department of Business Administration and, Head of the Research and Projects Office of EPOKA University, where he has assumed coordinating and project associate roles for many projects funded by the European Commission and various Local and Regional Development Agencies


Dorjan Burnazi

Topic: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence Tools for Enhanced Teaching

Teaching Physics to high school students since 2013. Head of Physics Department in Sema Foundation schools.

Klaus Kalemi

Topic: Bringing Transformers to Life: A Workshop on Neural Network Models and Applications

Klaus Kalemi is a prominent Software Engineer and Solution Architect renowned for his expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI). With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, specializing in AI, Klaus has led groundbreaking projects at leading tech companies.

Currently serving as a lead trainer at the TUMO Center, Klaus is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of tech talent. He inspires aspiring technologists to explore the limitless possibilities of AI while actively engaging in mentorship initiatives.

Klaus Kalemi’s career exemplifies his passion for innovation and commitment to education, making him a revered figure in the field of technology.

Bekir Karlik

Topic: Artificial Intelligence Applications in Education

Adjunct professor at the Neurosurgical Simulation and Artificial Intelligence Learning Centre, MNI. Prof. Dr. Bekir Karlik received his BS, MS, and PhD degrees from Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul in Turkey respectively.  He has worked at several universities as a Professor in Turkey and abroad. He is currently working as an Adjunct Professor at the Neurosurgical Simulation and Artificial Intelligence Learning Centre, McGill University in Montreal. His research interests include machine learning, deep learning, pattern recognition, computer vision, biometric recognition, biomedical signal and image processing, pervasive and soft computing, and intelligent control systems such as e-nose. Prof. Karlik has published about 200 papers, 2 books, 3 edited books and 4 books’ chapters. He was awarded two patents. He has presented a lot of keynote/plenary lectures at conferences held in different countries. He is editor-in-chief of an international journal named Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems.

2022 Conference Recordings

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"The Education Today Conference was an excellent opportunity to expand my professional knowledge and learn about new approaches to old issues. I feel lucky to be part of this community of educators that are working together to improve outcomes and experiences for our youth, and to bring the educational framework of the future into the present."
Jason Simmons
English Language Teacher - The USA
Participating in Education Today has helped me build a network of professional colleagues, develop my knowledge, and also gave the chance to make my first presentation at an educational conference. I learned a lot from other colleagues and we had helpful discussions about our way of developing lessons and the activities we used in the classroom. It was an exchange of skills and practices very valuable for each one of us. This has helped my students be more confident to express themselves in the project based learnings, solving problems and using 21-century skills such as collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking! .
Emanuela Papazisi
Chemistry Teacher - Albania


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