Our past keynote speakers

Adam Trucker

Adam Tucker

Technology in Education – How we can take learning into the 21 st century

Part I– Preparing our students for the digital age and workplace
Part II– Technology from the teaching perspective

Elisabetta Incollingo

Elisabetta Incollingo

21 st Century Skills in the Globalized Classroom

Part I - A theoretical analysis
Part II - 21 st century skills
Part III - A practical approach

Anne de Leon

Anne de Leon

Learning to Learn - Reflective Skills in CLIL
Theory and Rationale
Melanie Straub

Melanie Straub

Part I – Background to CLIL
Part II –Putting CLIL into Practice and Promoting Cognitive Learning Planning a CLIL Lesson: “How Can I Connect the 4Cs?”

Agnes Enyedi

Agnes Enyedi

Teaching for Learning in the 21st Century
Andrea Fischer

Andrea Fischer

Developing as a Teacher in the 21st Century

Our special thanks to all our past concurrent speakers

Concurrent Speaker Topic
Anxhela Kerpi Progression in Behavior Management
Arion Ismaili How to motivate students to learn?
Bulent Yener Eksi What makes a good teacher?
Teacher Perspective vs. Student Perspective
Daniel Watson Inquiry Based Learning
Assoc Prof Dr. David Felsen Strategies to Improve Leadership Capacity in the 21 st Century
Davide Page Mindfulness for the 21st Century Learner
Elissa Lewis Innovations in Assessments
Francesca Lonie Improving Outcomes in Mathematics Through Engagement
Gino Moio Text Mapping for Language Acquisition
Louise Benton and Louise Culshaw Talk For Writing for Key Stage 1 Children
Mustafa Gezen Grade Less Assess More
Prof.Dr. Shpresa Delija Oil the Gears to Promote Creativity and Innovation in the 21st Education
Assoc Prof Dr. Tidita Abdurrahmani Developing Assessment for 21 st Century Schools
Dr. Timothy Hagen Seeking Authenticity in a World of Automation: Socratic Seminars in 21st Century Classrooms
Phd. William Karl Martin Is the Writing Real…or Fake?


Concurrent SpeakerTopic
Arion IsmailiSome Strategies for Motivating Students in MAthematics Through CLIL
Özgür Kırçak
Erjona SaqeThe Secret Science of Advertising
Fabiola Hodo
Denisa ÇelaRoboCLIL 101 – Hands-on Making and Coding with Microbit and Makeblock Education
Jola Gjini
Manuela MenekshiIncreasing Students’ Speaking Fluency through CLIL Methodology
Ermelinda Zaimi
Klaudia PiroliCLIL Under the Electron Microscope
Brenardo NurediniReal Trust in Students – Better Autonomous Environment
B. Yener EkşiUse of Google Apps for education
Erina Kote CLIL as a way to multilingualism in our classrooms
Erjona RamaCLIL Through the Flipped Classroom Will Create the 21st Century Classroom
Eda ÇauliCLIL approach aims
Concurrent Speaker Topic
Elissa Lewis Public Speaking – A Fear to be Faced in the Classroom
Iris Aliaj Growth Mindset
Jola Gjini Why do 21st Century Kids Need a Programming Education Combined with Robotics?
Fozilet Simoni Core Skills and the Use of Micro-bit in School Projects
Jolene McConnell Using Technology in the Classroom
Lori Çali Applying Educational Psychology in the Classroom
Ludmilla Stefani Practical Examples of Using European Language Portfolio (ELP) in English Classes
Maria Escote CLIL – From Theory to Practice
Rebecca Hancock Some Practical Digital Resources that can be Used to Create Engaging Activities in Your Classroom
Stefka Kitanova Science in Fairy Tales
Tidita Abdurrahmani Curriculum Approaches in Language Teaching – Forward, Central, and Backward Design
Timothy Hagen Integrating Language Skills with the Great Conversation
Concurrent Speaker Topic
Agnes Enyedi The Power of Questions in a CLIL Lesson – What do we ask, How and Why?
Elissa Lewis Enhancing Lessons with Media: Technology & Media in the CLIL Classroom
Erjon Saliasi Are we CLIL-ing?
Osman Bedel How Best to Implement the CLIL Approach in Specific Teaching Environments?
Dr. Timothy Hagen How to Design a Project-Based Lesson?
Zsuzsanna Czene Cooperative Learning Techniques in a CLIL Context

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