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Education Today 2024 Theme

AI in Education: Transforming Learning


Education Today Conference is an annual gathering dedicated to shaping the future of education in Albania and beyond. Now in its 8th year, our conference has become a cornerstone event for teachers and school leaders, fostering collaboration and innovation in the field of education.

At Education Today, we strive to create a platform where educators can explore and embrace modern teaching techniques while emphasizing the importance of 21st Century Skills. Through a series of engaging sessions, keynotes, panel discussions, workshops, and poster presentations, participants have the opportunity to not only gain valuable insights but also to share their own experiences and exchange innovative ideas.

The deadline for proposals submission is 17:00  Friday 22 December 2023, the results will be sent by 5 January 2024.


45 minutes (At the opening or closing)

Panel discussion

60 minutes (for a panel of 4-5 speakers)


2x 10 minutes


45 minutes (including audience participation and Q&A)

Please ensure you check for spelling and grammar within your proposal.. Your session title, summary and abstract must clearly reflect each other.


10 words maximum.

  • It should communicate effectively what you are going to be talking about to your potential audience without being gimmicky or using technical jargon.


Between 150 and 200 words.

  • This will appear in the online Conference Programme and in the printed version. It is on the basis of this abstract that delegates will choose whether they wish to attend your session. Your abstract must therefore accurately and clearly reflect the content of your presentation..
  • It must be clear how your audience can apply what you say to their own context. This is especially important if you are planning to describe a course, project or product, or if your presentation relies heavily on a description of a local situation.
  • Please write your abstract in the first person and avoid the use of bullet points and multiple paragraphs.
  • Poster presentation proposals must indicate the topic area and structure of the poster.
  • All other proposals must outline exactly what you are going to talk about in the presentation and how the presentation will be structured and organised.
  • Do not repeat your title or abstract or include biodata in your summary. If you have to make a reference, please make it very short.
  • For a talk or panel discussion, it must be clear that there is sufficient time for the audience to ask questions.
  • For a workshop, it must be clear that there will be a substantial amount of time allocated for audience participation.
  • If your session is reallocated a different session type from what you originally submitted, you will be expected to adapt the content of your session to the length of time allocated.

REgistration Tips and Rules

Keynote Speaker Registration

Deadline: 22 December 2023

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Poster Presenter Registration

Deadline: 22 December 2023

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Workshop Speaker Registration

Deadline: 22 December 2023

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Participant Registration

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To facilitate the submission process and the subsequent follow up process,
please consider the following information, guidelines, tips and terms.


A 45-minute session which must maximize active audience participation through experiencing and discussing tasks provided by the presenter. There will be several parallel workshops and the audience will select only one of them, according to their interest area. You must make clear when and how you plan to do this in your proposal summary, for example, by giving a brief outline of activities that will involve the audience.


All poster presenters are guaranteed acceptance, subject only to the normal criteria, relevance to the theme. Your poster must be displayed for the full length of the Conference and you will be timetabled to stand with your poster for 45 minutes during Poster Presentation Time. This gives delegates the chance to chat to you about your poster and ask any questions they may have. The minimum size of a poster is A1 portrait (594mm wide x 841mm high) and maximum size is B1 portrait (707mm wide x 1000mm high). An electronic version of each poster may be posted on the Conference website.


Whether it kicks off the event or wraps it up, these 45-minute sessions in the big conference hall, accommodating up to 400 people, are the heart of our conference. Focused on the theme of the year, the keynote session goes beyond the usual talks, bringing fresh and exciting ideas to the table. The speakers aim to inspire and energize the audience, setting the tone for the entire conference.

Speaker interviews

During the Conference, we intend to have short interviews with speakers that will go on our social media channels to give those not attending a flavour of the Conference. Some of these will be pre-recorded and others will be live.

Sharing your information

By submitting a speaker proposal, you will be agreeing that Education Today shares the following information:

Your name, photo and affiliation will be in the Conference Programme and on our website.

You must ensure that you have permission to use any materials that you plan to show in your presentation and that there is nothing in your presentation that may contravene copyright law.

All session rooms will be equipped with a computer and projector, large rooms will have one microphone for the speaker to use. Accepted speakers will be contacted at a later date to arrange any additional equipment requirements.